Winter, this year for MA home heating costs is going to be brutal. Unfortunately, energy prices don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, and that means it’s time to check out if you need to maintain your heating system or if it’s time to do a home heating upgrade.

What can cause uneven heating?

The issue here is that it is a combination of issues across the board. Some of them are related to the HVAC system itself, and some are related to the general state of the home. So the first easy fix to do, regardless if you’re going to switch out to a high-efficiency furnace or do a home heating upgrade, is to find those drafts and close them up. These tend to occur around doorways and windows through misaligned closures or cracks.

Then you’re going to want to check the ventilation system and see if it’s been cleaned or if it’s clogged, which may have the heating system work overtime to simply output the same amount of heat. This is a big one to check, as a lot of heat dissipates even before any type of output comes into the home. Yet if there are no cracks in the vents themselves, check the air filters, as they can also get clogged up. But, again, a simple replacement may just do the trick.

Another major issue is the fact that your HVAC system is not properly sized. Maybe it’s not big enough for the home, which gives another reason to consider a home heating upgrade. You may have thought all you needed was a smaller HVAC system, but then you will probably run that on higher settings to maintain some heat throughout the home.

When to start upgrading your MA home heating

If the above doesn’t seem to be helping with your home’s uneven cooling and heating, then you may want to skip the maintenance and repairs and switch out to a high-efficiency furnace. This may end up saving you a lot in the long run, especially if your heating system is already starting to show its aging.

Also, if you’ve noticed periodically year after year after your maintenance check with your local professional there tends to be an increase in cost due to unforeseen repairs, then you’re going to thank yourself for upgrading your system now before the brunt of the winter season is upon us.

While it may seem like a hefty investment upfront, there’s no telling how long these energy prices will stay th is high and if it will also occur throughout the next year. So at the very least, you won’t have to do those DIY tricks of getting additional heating units (which will raise the cost of the utility bills), or wearing extensive layers in the house, when you don’t have to.

Whenever you’re ready – feel free to reach out to us about what a home heating upgrade would look like, and make sure to stay warm in any room this winter.