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Switch over to Reynolds Energy and join us in our cause to help improve the planet, all the while protecting your loved ones at home. With our unique and special blend of superior heating oil, we have focused our efforts on making sure our clients get to reap the benefits of lower emissions and start taking advantage of the financial liberties that come with furnace efficiency! We are certain that our Breathe Easy™ fuel blend which offers an ultra-low sulfur fuel coupled along with our exclusive additive, that our efforts will have a major impact, helping improve the lives of our clients one home at a time.

We offer select promotional deals for our clients. If you are thinking about making the decision to change your oil company contact us today to get the information you need and inquire about our current discounts. Learn more today!


We take pride in our local business which has served the MA area proudly. Knowing our clientele and observing their needs make us strong competitor.


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Our special blend of Propane fuel along with our special additive ensures that we provide a high quality product that is economically efficient.


We have trained individuals who are certified in using all our equipment. Our licensed technicians along with our customer support team are at the ready to help you with your oil needs. 

MA Energy News

Spring Safety: Tips for Propane Users in Massachusetts

Spring Safety: Tips for Propane Users in Massachusetts

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Oil vs. Natural Gas for Home Heating

Oil vs. Natural Gas for Home Heating

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How Does a Furnace Heat Your Home

How Does a Furnace Heat Your Home

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